The Studio

Art Moore Studios is located right here in my home.  With two main tracking rooms, vocal booth, control room and four amp closets, we are prepared for any recording situation. I've recorded everything from small orchestras to full 8 piece rock bands here.


Small, professional studios can be great. I think my studio is pretty amazing.

I have a mic locker of over 30 microphones including large diaphragm condensers, stereo pairs of small diaphragm condensers, large and small diaphragm dynamic and ribbon microphones.

I will have the right microphone for your voice, your instrument, your music.


One of the things I'm really proud of is my guitar collection, available for every recording client. I have twenty guitars, electric, acoustic, and electric bass. They are setup and ready for recording. Some of my special guitars include: a twelve string Les Paul (Agile Brand), six string bass (Douglas), and a baritone guitar (Epiphone) tuned to low B!

With four in-studio amps, (Vox, Crate, Fender, and Line 6) we are able to get the electric guitar tone you are looking for. In addition, I have a bevy of virtual amps that literally allow me to build a rig from the ground up.


How about Drums? We're ready for drums. If you have your own set, you are welcome to bring it and we will mic it up right here. With 6 different bass drum mics, three different snare mics, and 5 sets of overhead mics, we can get the right sound for your drum kit.

Sometimes your kit isn't where you want it, or you may not even have a drummer for your recordings. I have a Gretsch Catalina Maple set tuned and ready for recording, and I also offer drum tracking services for those who do not have access to a drummer for their recordings.

The Maple set. Four Toms, Snare, and Kick, Two Crashes, Hihats, Splash and China


Getting the right piano sound is imperative. I don't fool around.

With pianos sampled from Native Instruments, EastWest, University of Iowa, and SalamandarPiano, I get the right piano for the your project.

Have a piano in your home you adore? I can come to you and record it right in your home!

24 Presonus XMAX preamps. I also have other preamps (tube and solid state) available when needed.


Reaper, The Digital Audio Workstation that rocks!

Twenty four microphone inputs allow me to get every instrument mic'd up and recorded. I use the highest quality cables, and get fantastic results. I utilize the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation to record your audio at 24 bit, 44100 Hz (48000 Hz is available for video projects of course).


We are compatible with all  other studios by sending standard WAV files (also called stems) for other studios to use.  The files are high quality at 24 bits and either 44100 or 48ooo Hz. If you are interested in tracking here and mixing elsewhere, (even your own home studio) we can make that happen with ease.

Transcription Services

Need to have your music transcribed into beautiful sheet music for yourself or other musicians? For an hourly rate I can transform your music into a beautiful piece of sheet music. It is a collaborative effort, using your direction to get the best possible score.

I use Musescore to notate and transcribe all of my music. Through MusicXML and PDF standards, my work is compatible with any notation software including Finale and Sibelius. Your scores remain readable and printable forever.

Contact and Scheduling

To get your session scheduled, check on prices, or just find out more about me, email me at:

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