The Man

I've thought about writing this page in the third person, like someone was writing *for* me, and I had no real ability to object to the amazing things they were saying about me.

That felt too fake.

So here I am writing about myself, "The Man" behind the studio. First off, if you haven't gone to The Music page, head over there when your are done here and listen to my mixing and mastering. That will tell you a lot about what I do and how I do it.

Why should you pick me over everyone else in the mixing and mastering world? I'm not sure I can give you *the* answer, except to say, I love what I do, and I work hard at doing it.

I've been involved in music for over 25 years when I started in the concert band in middle school and high school. I was lucky to attend Music School at Brigham Young University, but not for Audio Engineering (or as they called it in my school: Media Music). 

I got to study 20th century composition in school. Part of that was a class on Electronic Composition, which is a lot of the same techniques used in studios all over the world.

I started building computers to record my own music, and then later, my band's music, and eventually I started taking clients on and recording them. 

It felt like a long road to find my passion for recording and mixing other people's music, but it all started in middle school when I recorded my piano solo to cassette tape using a cheap radio shack mic I laid on top of the piano (mic placement? I'd never heard of such a thing!)


What clients are saying...

Art is simply fantastic to work with! His abilities are top notch, and he is committed to helping you sound your best. His skills are not only technical; he is a gifted musician and composer, and knows how to help you create the best possible sound. In addition, he has a great personality that makes him very easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone, without reservation. He is the best!
— Marci Rechtenbach
My experience in Art Moore’s studio was, in addition to being highly professional, artistically liberating. After a fantastic session, I went home with more musical ideas than I came in with. The final product was better than I imagined. Art truly dedicates himself to each track, going beyond what is usually offered in a studio experience. Then, after it is completed, he offers direction on distribution and marketing. I highly recommend Art Moore as a top-tier recording technician and musician.
— Jeremy C Johnson Singer-Songwriter

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