Mobile Studio

A complete recording solution coming to you! Whether you are recording a concert, a recital, or an album, I'm able to come to you and get your work professionally recorded.

There are  no limitations to what we can get done. If you have a reasonably quiet space, I can get a great recording.


I bring dynamic, ribbon and condenser microphones with me. A large selection of microphones means I can get a perfect match with your voice or instrument to the right microphone.


"Can you really get a professional drum sound with your mobile rig?" You bet I can. I have recorded drums in garages, front rooms, large bathrooms, and home atriums (did you know that John Bonham's most famous drum recordings were done in the atrium of a house?) We can custom mic your drums to fit your song's needs. We can close mic each drum, or get a great overall sound depending on what you need.

Drums can take a lot of preamps, and a lot of mics. With 24 mic preamps I never run out of recording inputs.

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