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Customizing Windows - The ArtWay

This is my current laptop setup. Very simple, very clean.

I can't stand the default interface for Windows. Also, I have a real hard time with the default interface of Mac OS X. Basically, I really like being able to take the parts of a user interface I like and apply them in the ways that I want.

The Dock

Lets take the Mac OS X Dock. "Borrowed" from other operating systems and shined up to look real pretty, the Dock is one of the best User Interface devices I've seen. I've implemented a dock in Linux and Windows for as long as I can remember. My Dock of choice for the Windows environment is the Winstep Nexus Dock.

The taped down theme for Nexus Dock

This Dock does a couple of things in it's free version that I love. 

1. It will show all of your running programs in the dock. It can group together similar programs as well, but this can be very helpful, especially if you are going to...

2. Turn off the Windows Taskbar completely. While most people get along with the Taskbar just fine, if I'm gonna run another dock, then I want to get rid of everything extraneous that I can.

3. It is the only dock that also docks your system tray. Since I'm getting rid of my Taskbar completely, I don't want to lose the functionality of the system tray. Nexus allows me to do just that.

It's fun, it's customizable, it's great...

However, there are other things that I like to add to my user interface. In Linux we first saw the advent of virtual desktops. Now with phones, we swipe our homepage back and forth like it's always been a thing. Now with Windows 10 here, everyone is finally getting into virtual desktops like it's 1999!

Better Desktop Tool

Better Desktop Tool adds some wonderful Mac type additions to your desktop. Hit a hotkey or go to a hot corner and all of your windows open up laid out.

Desktop overview with BetterDesktopTool

You can also add virtual desktops with BetterDesktopTool. As much as I love the concept of Virtual Desktops, I almost never end up using them.


I don't want to forget the best resource for customizing your desktop. Iconarchive.com! As you can see by my dock, every icon is custom, cool, and awesome. I think using different icons really helps brighten up your desktop. Makes it feel like home!

So use what you want here and have fun making your desktop awesome!



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