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Pushing Through

Yes, you might have noticed, that my goal this week was to try to write every single day. We home school our kids, and writing is an important part of that for them. Writing is important for everyone. But I realized, as with everything, in order for my kids to become writers, I need to set a good example.

Writing and publishing blog post everyday is not an easy task. Last night I wrote a post, that had a lot of good elements, but needs extensive editing and review in order to be ready to publish. And really who am I kidding? This blog is for me and not very many people read it. I'm ok with that. Not everything that gets posted needs to be amazing.

But today I push through. I write about not having anything to write about, and the value of writing everyday, even though I myself am so terrible at the consistency of it. I myself love the whole music thing, and that's where I spend most of my time, but I also find that I have a lot of thoughts about music, teaching, recording, and composing. I find it helpful to start writing them down, so they become more solidified in my mind.

What about you? where do you find that you're able to solidify your thoughts? I blog, but some people make lists, keep audio notes, post its... 

This idea of pushing through, getting a project done, a paper finished, work completed. Working even when the motivation is completely gone. I find that for me, the last 5% is where I tend to give up, where I no longer care. I'm gonna  be working on that this year. I want to be better prepared to polish the last 5% of all of my work this year.

How do you find the strength to push through, and complete something? Leave a comment below!

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