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Today's Amazing World of Music

The world is just amazing today, especially musically. There is so much amazing music out there. Its easy to find, purchase and download. The only thing is? You're not gonna find it on the Top 40. 

Ok, thats a gross over exageration. There are great songs that make it to the Top 40. And some musicians  turn up there who truly deserve the sales, and the recognition. But honestly, a lot of it is just crap. A lot of that stuff I don't want my kids within miles of! 

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The reason the world is so great is that you can go and find amazing music by new musicians. My favorite place to go and search for new music is a site called Noisetrade.com (I do have to disclose, I have my music on this site as well, but I will be talking about this as a listener rather than an artist).  I like this site, because they promote new musicians, let you download their music, and provides a tip service, that allows you to give back to the musicians themselves. I have downloaded a ton of music from this site, and have enjoyed more than I disliked.

Why should we seek out music we've never heard before? Why not just let the mainstream dictate to us what is "good music"? One of my big reasons, is that many of the top grossing musicians tend to be young, beautiful, and groomed by the major record companies. Their music and their image seem too overproduced. I'm more interested in real artists of all ages creating their own work. Being who they are. I seem to find more of those musicians on Noisetrade.

I'd like to share a few musicians I've listened to and seriously enjoyed. Hit the play button on their album picture to listen to them as you read about them.

Tree63 is a Christian/Rock band out of Nashville, TN. They label their music for those who enjoy Coldplay and Police.

This recording, entitled "Unfinished Dream" is a series of songs from their sessions in 2006. With their great rock beats and fantastic production, this is a band you should check out! Noisetrade.com

Many musicians will upload a Sampler. A small collection of songs meant to inspire you to purchase the full recording on BandCamp or iTunes. I enjoy this, because it allows me to fall in love with an artist. Spend some time with them before I pull the trigger on buying their album.

Nuela Charles has a fantastic Sampler up on Noisetrade.com. Aware, is a great R&B/Soul recording. The recording is big, it sounds great on headphones. The first track just screams "Bond Opening" to me, and I love that feeling!

Ari Herstand has a great album in Brave Enough. The album feels very cohesive, it's easy to listen to, and well produced. The orchestration is where I'm really impressed. Lots of keyboards, lots of intricate guitar, which I enjoy a ton. Keep Fighting is a song that really spoke to me.

I suggest making an account on Noisetrade, it makes downloading music fairly easy. The music does come zipped up, so downloading to your computer first, and then transferring it to your phone via iTunes, or copying to your Android, is necessary.

Remember, these are all working musicians, trying to support their art. A small tip goes a long way for each recording you download. You can always go back after you've listened to their music and contribute.

Go out there! Be a hipster! Listen to something new that no one is listening to! Connect with a new artist, and see how their music affects you. It really has gotten me more excited about music!

Copyright 2015 Art Moore