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What do you do?

This has always been a question that's been hard for me. People who have known me for years know that I'm a stay at home dad, classically trained musician, conductor, blues guitarist, recording engineer, private instructor, and more recently a host of my own online audio show.

What I have mainly done for the last 10+ years is take care of two amazing children, Ethan and Milo. Being a stay at home dad is a rewarding and amazing job, albeit an absolutely exhausting one.  When your kids start getting older and start spending a little more of their time on their own, then you start to see what a part of your former life was like, and you start bringing that back in focus.

I have been so blessed to have been able to keep one foot in the music world throughout all of this. I've been able to play in bands, conduct orchestras, write and conduct for choirs, and slowly build a recording studio. This has always been a struggle, not just for me, but also my family. (Music often happens in the evening. Sometimes very late in the evening.)

So sometimes the answer to, "What do you do?" felt... crazy. "I'm playing in a band!" (Are you like 20 years old?) "I'm conducting an orchestra in a musical!" (Really? like waving that stick in the air?) "I'm recording an album!" (Dude you're never gonna be Van Halen...)

And truly, to be a musician is to be crazy. Absolutely crazy. But I can't help it. And I can't really "do" anything else.

My wife gave me a plaque on which is inscribed, "Passion: A powerful force that cannot be stopped." Music has been that passion for me ever since I was 11. I live, breathe, and sing music all day long. I can't help it.

So really I have no good answer to the question. I do crazy... crazy music, anyway I can.



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