My name is Art Moore and I create music, teach private music lessons to all ages, and run my own recording studio. I teach many different instruments including:

Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Piano and all Brass Instruments. 

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My Story

I've studied music in depth for most of my life, starting with piano as a young child. My interests always centered around writing music, composing melodies. I played brass instruments and some piano and organ through high school, and was accepted to Brigham Young University on a Tuba Scholarship.

Two years into college playing both euphonium and tuba, I applied to the Composition department and was accepted! Two months later I married my sweetheart, Jen. My time in the composition department was some of my favorite times. I wrote new and interesting music, I was surrounded by professors and peers who were all working on their craft.



Graduating from college gave me an opportunity to pickup another set of instruments. Guitar, Bass, and Drums. I played in local Salt Lake bands, and recorded an album with the band Seamus, entitled "Love, Reward, Fear". During this time I also started playing Guitar and Bass for local productions of musicals, namely "Little Shop of Horrors" and "The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

Having conducted musical groups for many years, I was asked to assemble and conduct the orchestra for "Oliver!" as performed by the South Jordan Community Theatre in 2011. It was an amazing experience. I was asked back to conduct "Les Miserables" to sold out houses. 

I've ran a small recording studio from my home since 2007, taking on projects of interest to me, helping artists record and release their own music.

In 2013 I started a podcast directly dealing with the home musician and recordist. Talking About Noise is a weekly show I do with my good friend Eric Hansen. We talk about composition and recording techniques, current music news, and our current work as musicians and recording engineers.

I've also released several piano solos, and a Christmas album entitled "A Buzzcut Christmas". It is a wonderful piano based album with strings, marimba, voice and trumpet! You can get it for free from


Bella, my euphonium

Bella, my euphonium

Questions my students ask me:

Why do I play so many instruments?

In school I had several teachers who told me to focus on a specific instrument and get really good at it. For awhile I did just that, and got very good at it, but I quickly found I just wanted to do more. Much like languages, learning an instrument after having learned other instruments became easier and easier. I just couldn't stop. I still have dreams of someday playing the cello! To be a person who plays many instruments means you still have to practice all of them!

What's my favorite instrument?

It's hard to say, but I often go back to the first instrument I truly learned to play well. The Euphonium, Tuba's little brother. The Euphonium is gorgeous and melodious. 

My son and student, Ethan

My son and student, Ethan

What's it like being a stay at home dad?

What? That's right! I spend most of my day with my two sons, Ethan and Milo. They currently take Piano lessons with me (We still haven't gotten through a lesson without talking about their favorite video games). They both make their own practice goals each week and work hard to accomplish them!

My son and student, Milo

My son and student, Milo

We spend the day reading, playing, talking about school, and even sometimes doing chores. It has been a huge blessing in my life to spend so much time with my two amazing kids. They are awesome!







My tiger eyed electric guitar

My tiger eyed electric guitar

How many guitars do you have?

I have a large collection of guitars, all of them very dear to me. Most of them are electric guitars. Right now I have 20 different guitars! 17 are electric!

Why do you teach music?

Music is amazing. It does so much for your soul. Not only can melodies lift your mood, bring you happiness, or recharge your batteries, but the very act of practicing brings calm and focus to your life. I just want to bring that to as many people as I can!

What's your favorite video game?

I love playing video games and will often talk to my students about the latest and greatest. To find out my favorite game though, you'll have to ask me at your next lesson!


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